Demo: Together Against the Right (Leipzig)

Together Against the Right – Demonstrations in Leipzig and Saxony on January 21, 2024

Call for Demonstration in Leipzig (3 PM at the Marketplace)

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It’s high time we stand together for our democracy, diversity, and a united society! Therefore, everyone come to the marketplace in Leipzig for the “Together Against the Right” demonstration! On Sunday, January 21, 2024, at 3 PM, we will unite in the fight against right-wing extremism and stand up for democracy and diversity.

In a year marked by important elections in Saxony – the European, municipal, and state elections – it is more important than ever that we stand “Together Against the Right.” Right-wing extremist threats pose a serious danger to our democratic values, and it’s time for us as a strong civil society to raise our voice.

Nationwide Demos Against the Right

The “Together Against the Right” demo in Leipzig is not just a local event, but part of a larger, nationwide movement against right-wing extremism. We meet at the marketplace to present a united front as “Leipzig Against the Right” and to contribute to its success. Our rally is a peaceful protest speaking out against the AfD, against racism, and for civil courage.

Come to Leipzig

The majority must no longer remain silent. Bring your family and friends to our demo against the right in Leipzig. Every voice counts in the fight against right-wing hate. That’s why this Sunday, we’re hitting the streets with a broad civil society alliance. Let’s make the democratic majority visible together – and show a clear stance against right-wing hate!

Q & A

Where and when does the demonstration against the right take place in Leipzig?

Place: Marktplatz Leipzig 📍
Time: 15:00 Uhr ⏰
Type: Kundgebung mit Aufzug durch die Innenstadt ✊

Can I bring flags and banners?

We ask everyone who joins us in the streets to oppose the far-right and the fascist deportation plans of AfD and Werteunion to refrain from bringing party and national flags. Despite our differences, we want to march together and in solidarity to stop the rising fascism, and therefore appeal to everyone to show understanding for each other. Otherwise, be creative and feel free to bring banners and signs!

What is the schedule for January 21, 2024, in Leipzig? Is there a timetable?

The rally begins at 3 PM at the marketplace with various speeches, including from the co-chair of the Migrant Advisory Council, Prisma / IL Leipzig, the Foundation for Peaceful Revolution, and many others. We will then march through Thomaskirchhof and Ring to Augustusplatz, where the final rally with further speeches will take place. The total duration will be about 3 hours. Please refer to the list below for the timing of the speeches.

Is there a list of speakers?

3:10 PM – Speech by LnP
3:15 PM – Speech by Foundation for Peaceful Revolution
3:20 PM – Speech by Parents Against Police Violence
3:25 PM – Speech by Mayor Burkhard Jung
3:35PM – Speech by Prisma / IL
3:40 PM – Speech by Christian Wolf
3:45 PM – Speech by Mohammad, Co-Chair of the Migrant Advisory Council

Starting at 5:00 PM
Speech by Jakob Springfeld
Speech by Verdi Youth Leipzig
Speech by Jusos Leipzig
Speech by Left Youth Leipzig
Speech by Green Youth Leipzig
Speech by Grannies Against the Right Leipzig

Is there a special concept for families with children at the demonstration?

The entire event is family and child-friendly. Our gatherings are peaceful and accessible for children and older people.

We will designate an area for people with children at the marketplace in front of the old city hall. There will be a family block at the end of the procession. Here it is quieter and there is more space. If it does become too much, it is easier to leave the gathering from here.

Please still make sure that your children are doing well. Demonstrations are often loud and many people crowd together, which can be intimidating. We strongly recommend bringing hearing protection for children.

Here are the demonstrations against the right taking place in Saxony:

Dresden: 14 Uhr | Schlossplatz
Leipzig: 15 Uhr | Marktplatz
Pirna: 15 Uhr | Friedenspark
Görlitz: 14 Uhr | Marienplatz
Torgau: 15 Uhr | Torgauer Markt
Döbeln: 14 Uhr | Obermarkt
Chemnitz: 15 Uhr | Karl-Marx-Monument
Meißen: January 22, 2024 | 7 PM | Marktplatz

More to follow.

How do I participate in the rally against the right in Leipzig?

You can come to the marketplace in Leipzig on January 21, 2024, without registration and join our gathering. Do you have further questions, press inquiries, concerns, or want to get involved? Please email us at

Please also provide a phone number at which we can reach you.

How can I support the “Together Against the Right” in Leipzig?

We are open to suggestions for our demo on January 21, 2024.
Please email us at

If you would like to contribute financially, we will be collecting donations on site. You can also transfer a donation to our account at any time:

IBAN: DE83 6001 0070 0975 2507 09
Verwendungszweck: Spende ZgR

What is the aim of the “Together Against the Right” demonstration in Leipzig?

The goal of the “Together Against the Right” demonstration in Leipzig, on January 21, 2024, is to send a strong signal against right-wing extremism and for democracy and diversity.

A central motivation for this demonstration is the latest revelations by Correctiv about AfD members and a secret meeting where deportations were discussed. This highlights the need to take action and publicly stand against such dangerous and anti-democratic tendencies.

Therefore, the “Together Against the Right” demonstration in Leipzig is also intended to serve as a starting point for engagement in 2024 and for further gatherings and societal discussions. Issues such as a possible AfD party ban are at the forefront. It’s about forming a strong, civil societal response to right-wing extremism and showing that the democratic majority will no longer remain silent but will actively stand up for its values.

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  1. Was soll diese rechtspopulistische Ausdruck “nationwide”? Macht ihr jetzt auf patriotisch?
    No border, no nation, no deportation!

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